Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Diode Concept

A diode is an electrical component that requires a certain threshold voltage, usually about 0.7 Volts, before it will conduct current. (For the less technical, imagine a boat on a series of "stair" dams. Basically, you can't pass them unless the level of the water raises to that on the other side.) brain is like a diode.

Without enough stimulation, there is nothing conducting and I will fall asleep. Professor Smith, your "lectures" (which are primarily excuses for you to rant about global commerce, recount your myriad of failed business start-ups, and display your inability to recognize that the St. Louis Post Dispatch is far from a respected finance periodical) provide about 0.2 V.

Thus, at the risk of seeming impertinent, I will continue to do sudoku puzzles, work on your take home exams, and write all of my notes in Greek in order to make up the other half of a volt that is necessary for me to stay awake.

If you wish to command my full attention, then teach me. Otherwise, I suggest that you leave those of us that can and will multi-task to our more engaging activities.

Warm regards,
Your 11AM class