Saturday, April 19, 2008


  • There is precious little in the world that lots and lots of hot water can't fix.
  • The world is hell-bent on disproving the previous bullet.
  • If you haven't heard of Hush Sound (band), you should go listen to them.
  • Mike's now makes pomegranate martinis in bottled form.  They're very sweet.
  • There are too many deodorant smells to choose from.  Should I smell like Eastern Lily or Vanilla Chai?  Green Apple or Sweet Pea?
  • I really want a cool zip-up hoodie.  Preferably something with a good design.
  • Ikea is the source of all good browsing.
  • Apple stores only let you schedule tech support appointments three days in advance.  Jerks.
  • Does being an adult ever become fun or is it really just endless to do lists and occasional breaks from the monotony?
  • How do you tell somebody that you need space, but you don't really want it.
  • I have Eddie Izzard tickets for June.  I'm really psyched.
  • People who don't answer emails irritate me.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What is it about the end of the semester that turns classes into a colossal waste of time?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Yang...aka, things that I don't like

1.  Folding laundry.  It's a tedious task that reminds me of packing.  (I loathe packing.)

2.  Wet socks.  Sadly, I'm a short person, so every time that it rains, my pants get soaked.  Once that happens, my feet never stay dry.

3.  Stuffing (as in the Thanksgiving dish).  Sorry's disgusting.

4.  Text speak.  If what you're saying isn't important enough to take the ten seconds to write out the word 'you', then it needs to not be said.

5.  Patronization.  Not only is it irritating, but it makes the offender look like an idiot.

6.  Toni Morrison.  While I'm talking about idiots, this is a natural next step.  Only a heinous idiot would write a book in which the main themes are "It's the white man's fault that my father raped me to show me that he loved me."  Racism is perpetuated by people like this.

7.  Country music.  It's twangy.

8. People who interrupt me when I'm reading.  Reading is my time to be introverted.  It is not the time that I've set aside to hear about your new haircut.

9.  Obscene gestures.  What are you accomplishing?  It's not even all that difficult to flip someone off.  When someone raises their pinky toe at me while doing a complete back bend, I will know that I've done something to deserve it.

10. Refrigerated ketchup.  The bottle does not say to refrigerate!  It's on the tables in the restaurant and that should be good enough for everyone else.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A meme

My mother has asked me to write a memoir in six words.

Here's the two finalists:

1.  I only pretended not to care.
2.  It's really for your own good.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things that I appreciate

Taking a note from my mother (who is also not very good at updating her blog, much like the rest of my family), here is a short list of things that I appreciate.

1. Facebook poking. It's a small gesture that serves to remind me that there are people that think of me, even on such a minuscule scale.

2. Musicals. I remember seeing Evita at the Fox with my Grandmother and watching Cinderella and the King and I while she babysat (I hated South Pacific). Now my tastes run more towards Rent and Avenue Q, but there is something surreal about people randomly breaking out into song. It may be strange, but just once, I think I'd like living in the world of Mikado.

3. Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea. Because it is delicious.

4. Shooting. All of the rabble rousers can bugger off right now. I do own a firearm, and if you have never shot one, then you are missing out on an experience. Apart from the obvious connotations of being in control and untouchable, to shoot well requires focus, controlled breathing, and repetitious practice. It becomes almost meditative and yet doesn't put me to sleep.

5. Apple products. As an engineer, I appreciate a good design. I have a couple of iPods and a Macbook Pro, and I love them both. (I plan on purchasing an iPhone in the next few months as well.) Elegant, functional, and user friendly.

6. Dogs. Especially this one:

7. To Do lists. They create a sense of accomplishment.