Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Amy Is

The Power of Myth - Joseph Campbell

Written in an interview style, I'm really enjoy Campbell's ability to apply mythology to modern culture. I've just started this one, but B.J. tells me that I've made a good choice in my library book this week.


This season started picking up steam with Neil Patrick Harris's guest role. Given the first five minutes of this episode, it's going to continue to improve.


One of the better podcasts I've heard. It had me hooked on ukulele music for a solid week.

Orange Sapphire from Bath and Body Works

Thanks to Mom for the lotion, shower gel, and the body spray. It's orange with a touch of amber, so I smell like fruit, but not a snow cone.

Galway Crystal

Made in Ireland, I now have a gorgeous set of four wineglasses. I also love the Little Black Dress Cabernet Sauvignon that is currently inside it.

Sex and the City 2

Any movie that uses the phrase "Lawrence of My-Labia" is on my shit list. Ebert has it correct.

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