Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What I remember about my wedding:

My dad feeding the bridesmaids grapes with airplane noises. Grandpa tearing up at the bouquet charms. The bustles on the dress breaking every ten minutes (and the ensuing standing around with my skirt over my head). The absolute gorgeousness of the flowers. How difficult it was to sit down (and Kim giving me the tutorial on leaning back and squeezing my ribs). The moment my heart started beating faster--when we got in the elevator to go upstairs. The feel of my Dad's suit. Turning on Grandpa's mic. Grandpa moving around the order of the ceremony. Lexi screeching during the song. The groomsmen giving us scorecards on the kiss. Forgetting my flowers on the way back down the aisle. How long it felt it took to bustle the dress in the foyer. Saying hello and hugging everyone. Forgetting that Mueller was Mueller (sorry Mueller!). All of us being completely disorganized for the family photos. My skirt catching on the sidewalk in Downtown St. Charles. The hilarious pictures we got (especially the guys). Stealing Brian's aviator sunglasses. (I was SO cool) Stopping for Sonic. The cake being late. Feeding Lexi icing. Catching Mom crying during the father/daughter dance. Not being able to find B.J. to leave. Losing the marriage license. Uncle Charlie acting as a hilarious emcee. Rebecca falling down trying to catch the bride. Jones soda. Finding the marriage license.

Most of all, I want to remember the things that didn't go according to plan, because they are what made the day perfect. I had my best friends around me...people who came from all over the country to share in our happiness. I married my favorite person in the world and I am so grateful.

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