Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Something other than books

I'm in the process of learning how to cook. As a reasonably intelligent person, I flatter myself that I am generally capable of reading a recipe and translating that into real world results. However, I've come across several challenges that nobody ever told me about.

1. All ovens do not cook at the temperature specified. If a recipe calls for ten minutes at 350, I need to bump it by 25 degrees or add an extra couple of minutes. This was discovered by trial and error and some very late desserts.

2. The most difficult part of cooking isn't cooking. It's having everything ready at approximately the same time. I'm sticking with meals that have an entree and a microwaveable vegetable. The last time I tried to make two food groups at a time, the eggs got cold and the waffles were undercooked.

3. Healthy food is only healthy if you pay attention to the number of servings. Two hundred calories a serving only counts if you can eat just one serving.

4. Complicated things are simple and simple things are bloody hard. I can make an incredible cobbler, but I delegated scrambled eggs to B.J. after an epic failure.

5. Make things you aren't sure about early in the marriage. Your loving husband will eat it all and proclaim it good. By the time he demands good food, you'll have had more practice.

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Bob P said...

YOU are your mother's daughter. (She has had problems with eggs in the past too!)