Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The deitrius of fifty years.

I spent last night at my grandfather's house, helping my aunt clean out a couple of bedrooms. (Grandpa is getting some longterm houseguests.) The following is a brief list of some of the items we found.

1. My uncle's first driver's license
2. A wooden cane (Nobody in my family has ever used one.)
3. My aunt's nightgown from when she was ten or so
4. A newspaper clipping from 1989 about exercises that you can do in the workplace to reduce stress
5. Four copies of weight watchers enrollment packet.
6. Three bow ties in various colors
7. Cedar shavings
8. Three large garbage sacks of fabric
9. Two large rubbermaid containers of pictures, both black and white and color
10. More newspaper clippings--every time one of her grandchildren made it into the paper
11. My aunt's paper on Adolf Hilter
12. My uncle's papers from grad school
13. Greeting cards from all over the country
14. A set of postcards from Alaska
15. My Grandmother's wedding dress...still pristine.

We only finished two pieces of furniture and half of a closet. There's still an entire other room and a half to handle tonight.

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Unknown said...

Sorting through things can be revealing, and fun! It also brings out a mixture of emotions. I'm grateful to you, your mom, and your aunt for doing this, and preserving items which will help each of us bring out many memories of our younger days. You are a blessing to me!