Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm disappointed

I'm disappointed in the results of a recent situation on facebook.

Someone who used to be a close friend of the family made a disparaging comment about the method that my home church used to choose their senior minister. Apparently, they forgot that facebook is public, and in making your opinion known, you give up the right to insulate yourself from people who disagree with you.

As a result of whatever disagreements occurred--disagreements that I did not see at all--not only was my mother and father defriended, but I was too. Not only was I defriended by the lady in question, her daughter did the same.

People, this is how feuds start.

I am very disappointed. First that such a disagreement was handled in a public forum, completely against any and all teaching of Scripture. Second, I am disappointed that my families' opinions were projected on to me and I was "punished" for them. Finally, I am extremely disappointed that someone who I've considered a friend for ten years, felt the need to join in such a pointless and escalating gesture.

EDIT: I was not the only one defriended. My entire family, including a brother who hasn't lived in the area for ten years was too. The only thing left is to sprinkle salt on our router.


Professor P. said...

Sorry, kiddo. Wasn't even your parents' opinions; it was your brother's.

Bob P said...

And I do NOT believe that he (your brother's) question was inappropriate.

Bob P said...

Your EDIT is precious... NO, wait, PRICELESS!!!