Sunday, January 2, 2011

A good day

I love lists. (My entire family just went "duh".) One of my favorite things about the start of the year is the cultural endorsement of massive amounts of list making. As one of the things I'd like to keep up with in the new year is blogging, here's some of my favorites:

Movies that we will watch in January (from the AFI list)
1. Cabaret
2. Star Wars
3. American Grafitti

Home Improvements we will make
1. Shelf in the bathroom
2. Bar stools
3. Repaint B.J.'s office

Today was my last day of vacation. I celebrated by getting things done. To wit:
1. Laundry washed, folded and put away
2. Christmas lights taken down and (mostly) put away
3. Four miles on the exercise bike (starting small and working my way up)
4. House vaccumed
5. Library e-book app installed and working, with two Jan Karon novels downloaded.
6. Blueberry lemon scones baked
7. First two lessons of math homework completed
8. Art project completed and hanging on the wall
9. Husband's choice of movies watched*
10. Lunch packed and things gathered for work tomorrow.

* The Fountain, Animal House, and Bad News Bears

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