Saturday, April 19, 2008


  • There is precious little in the world that lots and lots of hot water can't fix.
  • The world is hell-bent on disproving the previous bullet.
  • If you haven't heard of Hush Sound (band), you should go listen to them.
  • Mike's now makes pomegranate martinis in bottled form.  They're very sweet.
  • There are too many deodorant smells to choose from.  Should I smell like Eastern Lily or Vanilla Chai?  Green Apple or Sweet Pea?
  • I really want a cool zip-up hoodie.  Preferably something with a good design.
  • Ikea is the source of all good browsing.
  • Apple stores only let you schedule tech support appointments three days in advance.  Jerks.
  • Does being an adult ever become fun or is it really just endless to do lists and occasional breaks from the monotony?
  • How do you tell somebody that you need space, but you don't really want it.
  • I have Eddie Izzard tickets for June.  I'm really psyched.
  • People who don't answer emails irritate me.

1 comment:

Kerri said...

I completely agree with so many of those things, particularly the IKEA, deodorant, and adult to do list comments. I hate being an adult sometimes. I'd just like to be 5 again...running, playing, with not a care in the world besides what game to play next.