Monday, April 14, 2008

Yang...aka, things that I don't like

1.  Folding laundry.  It's a tedious task that reminds me of packing.  (I loathe packing.)

2.  Wet socks.  Sadly, I'm a short person, so every time that it rains, my pants get soaked.  Once that happens, my feet never stay dry.

3.  Stuffing (as in the Thanksgiving dish).  Sorry's disgusting.

4.  Text speak.  If what you're saying isn't important enough to take the ten seconds to write out the word 'you', then it needs to not be said.

5.  Patronization.  Not only is it irritating, but it makes the offender look like an idiot.

6.  Toni Morrison.  While I'm talking about idiots, this is a natural next step.  Only a heinous idiot would write a book in which the main themes are "It's the white man's fault that my father raped me to show me that he loved me."  Racism is perpetuated by people like this.

7.  Country music.  It's twangy.

8. People who interrupt me when I'm reading.  Reading is my time to be introverted.  It is not the time that I've set aside to hear about your new haircut.

9.  Obscene gestures.  What are you accomplishing?  It's not even all that difficult to flip someone off.  When someone raises their pinky toe at me while doing a complete back bend, I will know that I've done something to deserve it.

10. Refrigerated ketchup.  The bottle does not say to refrigerate!  It's on the tables in the restaurant and that should be good enough for everyone else.

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