Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things that I appreciate

Taking a note from my mother (who is also not very good at updating her blog, much like the rest of my family), here is a short list of things that I appreciate.

1. Facebook poking. It's a small gesture that serves to remind me that there are people that think of me, even on such a minuscule scale.

2. Musicals. I remember seeing Evita at the Fox with my Grandmother and watching Cinderella and the King and I while she babysat (I hated South Pacific). Now my tastes run more towards Rent and Avenue Q, but there is something surreal about people randomly breaking out into song. It may be strange, but just once, I think I'd like living in the world of Mikado.

3. Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea. Because it is delicious.

4. Shooting. All of the rabble rousers can bugger off right now. I do own a firearm, and if you have never shot one, then you are missing out on an experience. Apart from the obvious connotations of being in control and untouchable, to shoot well requires focus, controlled breathing, and repetitious practice. It becomes almost meditative and yet doesn't put me to sleep.

5. Apple products. As an engineer, I appreciate a good design. I have a couple of iPods and a Macbook Pro, and I love them both. (I plan on purchasing an iPhone in the next few months as well.) Elegant, functional, and user friendly.

6. Dogs. Especially this one:

7. To Do lists. They create a sense of accomplishment.

1 comment:

Kerri said...

I'd like to think I'm at least a little bit better about updating my blog than the rest of you guys....

I do miss Grandma...and her musicals :)