Monday, September 29, 2008

New Book

Last night I arrived at my hotel to find out that the room had not been cleaned. (It's a big deal because they only clean once every two weeks.) I was irritated, but decided to be calm and go run errands. Fortunately for my blood pressure, Barnes and Noble is on the way* to the grocery store.

I picked up a couple of bridal magazines (looking for hair ideas and the elusive answer to 'What am I forgetting?') and proceeded to wander around the store. I stopped at the science and psychology sections (some of my favorites!) and picked up a book that I'd been looking for in the store for a few weeks.

I realized as I was paying how odd my purchases must look. I bought two Bride magazines and a copy of The Sociopath Next Door.

*A short five mile detour.


Tori said...

It's good that you shared that the bookstore wasn't really on the way. It made the story better.

ThatOneRedhead said...

And yet I didn't tell that the grocery store was three miles away.