Monday, September 29, 2008

A new feeling...

I did something exciting this weekend.

My super-senior year at college, I received an odd scholarship. This scholarship gave me some free money (awesome!), but only so long as I also took a loan for the equivalent amount (huh?). Since free money is one of my favorite things, I accepted the scholarship with all of the loan inducing caveats.

This weekend, I paid off my first and only student loan.

Signing the check and putting it into the mailbox felt good. All of a sudden, I am a Productive Adult who Pays Her Debts to Society.

The high lasted until I looked at the principal left on my computer, car, photographer, and wedding ring loans.

At least I can look forward to many such exciting moments in my future.

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Amy said...

It's kind of a good feeling, isn't it? Paying off debt? It's not too fun to look at your bank account afterward, but still it's very satisfying.